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At VJC (Victor Jones Consulting) we provide services and  expertise in multiple facets of the restaurant industry coupled with the value an independent consultant can offer.  

Whether you're looking to open your first restaurant, improve your performance, or develop a scalable concept, we provide you the tools, training and know-how to make it happen.

In order for your vision and goals to be realized​ you need to have, or obtain, the resources required to bring them to life. We will work closely with you to examine your existing business, determine opportunities and needs and most importantly bring you solutions.
Project Management
Managing a project differs from managing the "day to day" operations of a restaurant. This is why projects are often not delivered on time or on budget (or even worse not delivered at all). Whether your project is extensive such as "Opening" a new restaurant or more limited, such as rolling out a new menu or promotion, we will provide you the tools and support to see your projects through.
Financial Expertise
Sustained profitability may be the ultimate measurement of a successful restaurant and it is certainly a required one.  Whether it is driving sales, managing costs or understanding the world of restaurant finance we can help you maximize the profitability of your business.
Your customer's experience begins with "Welcome", continues through "Goodbye" and spans everthing in between.  And by "everything" we mean from the quality of your food and service, to the quality of your staffing and housekeeping. We will work with you to ensure quality operations are the trademark of your restaurant. 
Human Resources
Your ability to hire, train and retain your team is a game changer whether you are opening your first restaurant or looking to expand.  We provide you the tools, not only to hire and develop your people, but to ensure you have the "right people" in the "right seats" on your team. 
Franchise Development
If your goal is to expand your restaurant through franchising we will work with  you to evaluate your business for readiness and provide you expertise in creating your franchise system and sourcing and establishing franchise partnerships.  VJC is an Advisory Consultant for the World Franchise Associates.
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